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If you Google Bitcoin Silver, the second result will give you a website that you can't actually access. Seeing as the website is down, another bitcoin talk forum will have to do for our review.

According to the October 24th forum, the fork is tentatively planned for some time in December, but the actual block height for the update is to be determined. We do know that there will be a circulating supply of, you guessed it, 21,000,000 with a pre-mine.

Bitcoin Silver is joining the GPU revolution with its Equihash algorithm, so as with BUM, BTP, and BCP, it will not allow ASIC mining. With a 1MB block size and Segwit activated, it will have many of Bitcoin's own trimmings, but along with ASIC-resistance, its impressive 30 second block time will distinguish it from its parent currency. Yet again, we have no clear information about the team or how they plan to implement these changes.

January 02, 2017
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